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Your time is precious. Life is fast. You want to preserve today’s memories. Those little things you don’t want to forget. We capture you and your loved ones as you are – the real you, the best you – not the perfect you. It’s the everyday moments, the beautiful imperfections, the stages that fly by in a blink of the eye – those are the memories you want to freeze. It’s about the photographs that flood your heart and soul with warmth. We love that. We do that. We are the authentic alternative to family photography.


You probably started off your search, thinking you want just that. The photos that look absolutely perfect. Those photos have their place and we will get a few like that. But chances are it will be the one you look at and all you see behind that ‘perfection’ is the stress you felt trying to get everyone looking perfect… The grumpiness in your child’s eyes masked by their forced smile… The candy you’re holding behind your back, waiting to reward them for their obedience.

We’ve been there. We spent years photographing just that. But after becoming parents ourselves for the third time, we looked back and realized the only photos that adorn our walls and the only photos we tear up at in our albums, are those unscripted moments. The photos that transport us back to a feeling. The way you felt in the moment, and the way you feel every time you look back on it.

How your newborn curls against your chest. The eccentric way your daughter dresses herself. The favourite toy that goes everywhere with you. The way your son’s whole face beams when he lets out his goofy laugh. How your beloved pet lets the kids crawl on him/her. The thrill in your children’s faces as you hike through the forest. The feeling of your baby hiccuping in your belly. The warmth of being wrapped in the arms of your partner by the campfire. The giggles, the pouty face, the muddy feet, even the flat out on the floor tantrum, all of it. They are the things that you’ll look back on and laugh about- things that fill your heart.


So let’s create a window for you so you don’t forget all the gorgeous and grit of today. The story that formal portraits, just don’t tell.  Let us find what makes you and your loved ones unique in the places you find comfort in and the places you love to get out and adventure in. Your photo session should be different than ones you’ve seen before because no two people interact the same or have the same little quirks as you do.


So what are you waiting for? The truth is, there’s no better time than right now. Still unsure? Read this favourite quote of ours. All you have to decide on is – how do you want to us to tell your story?

Let’s stay in & relax at home!

Capture who you really are in the place you find most comfortable. Natural. Honest. Authentic. Every family has a story and it’s so much more than the big day events like a wedding or birth of a child. All the little things that are part of your mundane everyday, one day they’ll be gone. Replaced by a new normal.  Let’s capture a few hours of your right-now reality together. Every interaction. Waking up. Getting dressed. Making and enjoying your morning coffee together. Playing in the backyard. Doing chores. Working on hobbies. Relaxing. Making meals. Family activities. Bath time. Story time. Bed time. The mess. The laughter. The chaos. The connection. The unnoticed. Every single piece of the beautiful story in your every day.

Let’s go on an adventure together!

Create memories and stories to tell. Each season brings new experiences. Breathing in that crisp fall air as you hike through the forest. A walk to the farmer’s market. Fishing in the river. Catching snowflakes on your tongue as you snowshoe down the trail. Cutting down your Christmas tree. Warming up with hot chocolate by a winter bonfire. A family snowboard getaway. Puddle jumping in the spring. The smell of fresh soil as you plant your garden together. A spontaneous summer camping trip. Backyard lemonade and running through the sprinkler. Biking through the park. Dipping your toes in a cold, rocky mountain lake. Beautiful photos of you and your loved ones enjoying your favourite activities.

Whoever you are and whatever your story, I hope we have the pleasure to call you friends. Let’s chat!