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May 12, 2016

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

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I have been feeling led for some time now, to become an affiliate photographer with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  I have been through the painful loss of losing two children to pregnancy miscarriage and it has led me to help in the best way I know how, through the memories of photography.

A year ago, I met a mother while I was photographing a newborn session who had lost her twins due to premature delivery. Her babies only lived a few hours before passing. Her story left me in tears… but the part that broke my heart the most was that she had no photos to remember them by – nothing but that fleeting memory of the mere hours they got to cherish together before they were gone.  This started the ball rolling in my mind on a way I could help… I knew it needed to be where my God-given abilities crossed the ache in my heart for those suffering from a loss.

I recently suffered another miscarriage and we lost another baby.  Sadly, it is an experience that is hard to identify with unless you have been through it yourself and I’ve run into many mothers and fathers dealing with the pain.  This lit the fire in my heart again and my search led me to NILMDTS. This is something I knew I HAD to do, so I have proudly volunteered as a photographer for NILMDTS.  Please take the time to watch the below video as hard as it may be – the more people that know, the more people we can help.

“For families overcome by grief and pain, the idea of photographing their baby may not immediately occur to them. Offering gentle and beautiful photography services in a compassionate and sensitive manner is the heart of this organization. The soft, gentle heirloom photographs of these beautiful babies are an important part of the healing process. They allow families to honor and cherish their babies, and share the spirits of their lives.”

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Photographer - EYE Photography



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