I'm sure you have some questions - so here are a few of our commonly asked questions

How long is our session?

Family portrait sessions and maternity sessions are typically 1-2 hours long.  In-home newborn sessions and family lifestyles can last up to 3 hours long.  Birth sessions are the wildcard – I try and be there as soon as active labour begins, and stay for 1-2 hours after baby arrives to document skin-to-skin, first feeding, cuddling with the family and meeting the siblings.

What should we wear?

Your session should feel relaxed and comfortable and the best way to do that is by wearing something that makes you feel that way too. You don’t need new outfits, or matchy matchy clothes for everyone – just something you feel great in and can move around easily in.  Neutral shades are great and avoid really vibrant colors, as sometimes they can be really loud in photos. But if you’re little ones love to dress themselves, then let it be – their outfit choices are always fashion ground-breaking. 🙂

What if we have to cancel?

Your reservation deposit is a non-refundable fee. If we have to rebook due to extreme weather situations or if you cancel more than 7 days prior, the deposit is transferred to your new session date in the near future.  If you cancel less than 7 days before your session, the amount is retained in full and the booking process begins again for your new session date.

How do we act? Do we have to pose?

In a lifestyle session, the documentary approach to capturing your family means no posing is necessary and no props will be used. I do my best to blend into the background and capture you being yourself and carry on as you typically would with your family. For the most part I want to you forget I’m even there. The experience will feel like we are hanging out together and that my camera just happens to be there.  Parts of the session will be me quietly capturing moments and other times, I will join right into the fun and chaos. At the end of the session, if you’d like a couple of posed photos, I can get one of you as a family, couple, and of the kids.  For newborn lifestyle sessions, the focus is more on the baby and you interacting with the baby.

What will we do?

For a lifestyle family session, you should have a few things in mind to do; a few activities to help with the flow of your session. But don’t stress over getting everyone involved – letting the kids be kids and do what they do leads to the best stories.  A few activities can help get things going, and let the day unfold as it would with little to no expectations. Relax, enjoy the day, focus on being together, and love on your family.

What if our child doesn't behave?

No one can plan or predict how your child will behave at the session. I start off the session by getting down on their level, introducing myself as their friend, and being really interested in who they are. This helps them feel comfortable around me and more at ease while I’m hanging out with you. Please don’t feel the need to ensure they are on their best behavior. I want to see the unfiltered, genuine version of themselves. If they are sad, grumpy, or flat-out angry – that’s normal! It’s just part of being a kid and the wide range of emotions they feel day to day.  You’ll see me capturing those moments too. Being a family is full of challenging moments – it’s not just about the gorgeous, it’s also about the grit.

Where should we do our session?

How do we choose between in-home or going on an adventure? The type of session is totally up to you.  I love both, but the more important questions is: Will this place be meaningful to your family?  If the location is a place dear to your heart it will truly enrich your story in the photos. Think about places that you visit as part of your routine life or love to regularly escape to.

Can we have two locations?

If you just can’t decide between an at-home vs. an adventure lifestyle session – then let’s do both!  If you have a favourite place to go just outside your doors, we can do a bit of your session at home and a bit outside of your home.  Or if that location is a bit of a drive, we can talk about the timing. Keep in mind, that it takes time for kids to adjust to their new surroundings and be able to capture the real versions of themselves. Chat with me about what you have in mind and if we can fit it all into your session time – it may be that we add on some time, but it could be very well worth it for the memories it will create.

Does our house have to be clean?

Not at all!  No one with a family of kids has a perfect looking house (no matter how much they lead you to believe it’s true).  Tidy up a bit, as if close friends were visiting.  A little mess tells a good story – and probably adds more truth and memories to your story.

Contact us with any other questions you may have.