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The Rilkoff family. They have my heart – they are such a dear, dear family. I offered them the idea of doing a lifestyle session at home. A day in the life photography session…  I wanted to capture them doing real life together.  A favourite style of photography – family photojournalism.  I asked them to keep it real; present the best side of their everyday life.  Leave the messes, soak in the morning together, and enjoy the present.

As I pulled up bright and early to their acreage outside of Sherwood Park, Nadine let me know their alarm never went off and they were still in bed. PERFECT. Well they didn’t think so, but I got to let myself in the front door and sneak into the house before anyone woke up. A real morning session with their family! A typical morning of drinking coffee, eating breakfast – while mom eats breakfast standing, fighting, eating toothpaste, playing together… and even a bit of being sad as it happened to be the morning they lost their dog, Rex. Broke my heart to see their son looking out the window holding a box of dog treats waiting for him to come home… such a bittersweet memory.  But what an oh-so-beautiful, genuine story of their life. Enjoy.

To view the slideshow in HD quality, view it HERE

Sherwood Park lifestyle photographer - family documentary photographyFamily Lifestyle photography in Sherwood park specializing in documentary photojournalistic photographyEdmonton family photojournalism photographer

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